“Schönsinn” with 10 years of professional experience

Aloha ❀, Hey & Welcome ♡

I am very happy that you are here.

I am Jessica,

Visionary, Beauty expert & Spirit Coach.

My early passion for recognizing “BEAUTY” in other people and giving them an individual glow began with me in my early childhood.

As a very empathic person, I became interested in the spiritual world early. My affinity for “FAITH” strengthened my Polish roots and relationship with my great-grandmother and my father. At the same time, from an early age I often had a feeling that I didn’t belong to this EARTH and that I came here for a very specific reason.

With my vision and unwavering LOVE, I decided to go to a cosmetics school. After graduating at the age of 18, I felt like standing on my own feet, starting my own business and opening a cosmetics studio.

I had the opportunity to take over a small salon and put all LOVE, POWER and TIME into this mission.

Then followed a lot of further training in the field of cosmetics and personal development as well as a six-month training in the field of permanent makeup.

After 4 years in my cosmetic studio Schönsinn near Kiel, with great clients and experience, I expanded my studio.

I also worked as a training lecturer in the area of ​​permanent makeup in Hamburg.

Less than 2 years later my life changed …

At the end of 2017 I moved to Vienna and worked there with other cosmetics studios. I met many interesting people in this incredibly magical city and quickly realized that Vienna was a unique journey for me …

A journey to myself.

A journey to the “real key” of beauty.

In 2019, I decided to start adding psychotherapy to the spiritual path at Sigmund Freund University to bring even more people to their inner beauty and discover their IDEAL, unique creative power.

With all my heart and love

Jessi ♡