A new World

The time we live in is of great importance and challenge for all of us.

It is a time when we are all called to live and ascend our true, shining and mostly most authentic self. To ascend to a new era in which you are called to discover your highest self and to unfold. We are in a massive global change in which everything that is not – authentic no longer exists. Partnerships, companies, and structures that were previously burdened collapse so that something new can arise.

The breakup will not subside until our inner and outer world are aligned. You are called to reveal your true inner light.

All the love and fullness in you.

There is no longer a wait, the time has come to present yourself to the world and not let you stop.

Over six months ago, I faced many decisions, many things in my life collapsed, and new doors appeared that I was not yet ready to accept completely. As much as I wanted to keep working on everything that existed and wanted to keep it together, the more it all broke apart. Everything that was OLD no longer wanted to exist. All I wanted was built on insecurity, fear of letting go, and trusting the flow of life.

We have lived too long in an oppressed time in which the forces of selfishness, fear, conflict and control were in the foreground. During this time, there has been a tremendous increase in new technologies and standards to live by that should help us move forward in our lives at the same time, faster and arrived NOW, many people are more depressed and lonely than ever.

On this planet, at the BREAKING POINT we are currently at, we cannot continue on our old path. Mother Earth, calls us to expand our awareness and wake up to come home. It is time to turn back into your heart strength. To reverse, from aggression to compassion, from facts to truth, from fear to love, from ambiguity to unity and from the unconscious world to a creative & conscious world.

We all have a light within us that is just waiting to shine. Our soul’s task is to bring our personal & individual light into this world in a way that only you can do.

Because you are unique. Nobody is like you

We are all called to find our deep soul calling.

I firmly believe that if each of us follows this direction, we will go together into a new time, full of harmony, joy, love and true fulfillment.

There is a male and female side in each of us, which shows us that we are connected to everything. It is a time when it is precisely this balance that is at stake.

If each of us does our part and begins to make our inner light shine, it will also make others shine.

I believe that we can change the world, TOGETHER and EVERYONE FOR ITSELF. And I believe that you are here to go this way.

Wake up & shine

Your Jessica