Permanent Make Up

With high-quality permanent make-up, asymmetrical and irregular eyebrows are balanced. Enjoy beautifully shaped eyebrows thanks to professional pigmentation.

Permanent Make Up, enhances the natural radiance of every person. With a thick eyelash wreath and beautiful lips you look youthful, sensual and above all natural over a long period of time.

Beauty application areas





The Coloressense pigments from Goldeneye stand for micropigmentation at the highest level with unprecedented color shade security. Gone are the days of unwanted color change – what you see is what you get!

Color stable shades without crazy color changes.

RED? Only if you want it!

Warm colors without fear of orange residues and a brown that stays brown.

no heavy metals
no nickel
no animal testing
vegan and halal
no PAK
sterile and tested several times
IT-based formulation
uniform pigment grain size
constant quality management

Pigmentation is not just a process that only serves beauty.

It can also mitigate the visual consequences of an accident, surgery, or illness.

Scars can be visually reduced, for example, by introducing pigments of matching colors. The same applies to pigment correction in the so-called white spot disease. Even with clearly visible hairline, the fine hair pattern with pigments in hair color can hide the translucent scalp.

Another important area of ​​application is support in plastic or reconstructive surgery. In some cases, breast cancer may require breast reconstruction. Here, the pigmentation in the colored drawing of a nipple (nipple) can help to create the most natural possible appearance.

Paramedical application areas:



White spots