Your individual, Soul Compass stands for a deeper understanding and your very personal development.

Without a sense of the inner world, we cannot live a really happy and fulfilling life because we keep reaching the limits of reality. It is only on the spiritual path that it is possible to develop your consciousness further so that the dual reality transcends. When you develop spiritually, your perception changes and consequently your entire world.

I’m sure you’ve asked yourself the following questions before:

Who am I?

Where do I come from?

What am I here for?

What is my life’s work?

How can I grow beyond myself, develop my full potential and become the best version of myself?

Your Soul Meeting helps you to better understand your life, your life’s work, your goals and above all yourself. The best thing about it is that: all the answers are already in you. Your full potential does not have to be sought somewhere outside to hope that you will find the answers to all your questions at some point or that someone will let you in on the mysteries of life. Everything is already there. But most people have forgotten who they really are through past experiences. On your personal soul path – you can learn again to remember who you are and to gain access to this unique knowledge.

I will help you to connect with your soul mission in your very own soul meeting.

Your soul meeting consultation (by phone, Whatsapp or private session), including your personal soul compass (as PDF)

45 min.

70 €

We are ONE.

It is important to me, with my holistic coaching, to realign your true home to your divine self and to flood your outer human existence with your unshakeable inner strength. It is your essence to be happy. Happiness is not the goal, it is the way, it is your highest self! You only need a little BEAUTIFUL to remember to accept your happiness again. Life is just waiting for you to actually live it. Your decision to be happy will change your life!

Oneness seminar 2 days

+ Soul Coaching Workbook included

max. 4 persons

499 €

Spirit meets business – spiritual management consulting

The further development of companies is the basis for future and competitiveness on the market. However, change processes put a lot of pressure on management and employees. Many employees critically question their job and the meaning of their work. In order for a transformation to succeed, you need motivated people who bring their personality and creative potential to the company. Wherever people in companies are related, we meet with our individual life and learning topics, especially on an energetic level. According to the law of resonance, the same always attracts the same. If you apply this law to a company’s energy field, its energy always attracts energy of the same frequency and intensity. Recurring challenges and questions that a company faces are therefore no accident. Recognizing the underlying energetic information has great potential for growth and sustainable change. Unconscious and previously incomprehensible situations and behaviors are solved by giving the energy field conscious and appropriate answers that change the dynamics of the information. The goal is to restore systemic balance by analyzing and transforming dysfunctional structures and patterns. A change of perspective creates space in which something new can arise. The main element in this work is the mutual respect and voluntary participation of everyone involved.

My service is analyzing your company’s energy field and resolving subconscious factors. which, for example,

  • the company’s development
  • Corporate communication
  • Internal processes
  • repetitive challenges
  • Sick leave energetic disturbances in the overall system
  • Team specific conflicts                                                                                        can impact.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Price on request.

Couple counseling – comparison, for 2 people, like “Soul Meeting”

120 €

Family counseling – max. 4-6 people

250 €